Design Team Retro

 Jan 9

😊 What’s Going Well

  • Nice to get visibility on 3 year plan (+1) 

  • Dedicated staked pods are the best we’ve had so far! 

  • Heads down time to work (+1) 

  • Mobile team good QA  

  • Positive meeting with Jeff (“I know you feel like you’re in a washing machine!”) 

👎🏼 What’s Not Going Well

  • Lots of time wasted on Project X/Project Y (+2) 

  • Chris designing things he should not be designing (+5) 

  • Thrashing on requirements late in projects (+1) 

  • Fight with PM this week

  • Slow to get updates / star

💡 What Can Be Improved

  • Better run meetings! 

  • Learning breathing

  • Communicating in timely manner

  • Defining UX vs PM roles 

  • Turn off Slack more 

🧠 Next steps / action items

  1. Shawn to write a story for CEO that tells how PMs vs UX work together

  2. Meeting hygenie / ettiqutte that design follows for not just our meetings but other meetings such as writing agenda/focus on on whiteboard 

  3. War room and/or booking room recurrent 

  4. Write canned responses to overreach or prescriptive feedback