where@ is for bartenders who want followers to know when they are working and where


where@ is a startup I founded to take the human desire of knowing where your favorite bartenders are working in an app on your phone.

While I realize that just following bartenders isn't enough of a problem to solve, there is a much larger addressable market once you learn how to follow someone's schedule. It then shows its scale quickly. 

Once you followed a few bartenders, the app did all the work tracking who was working, when, and let you know.  

Here's the pitch deck:


After months of user research and talking to bartenders (and bar regulars) in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Seattle, Palm Beach, and New York, I had my MVP. 



  1. Publish their working schedules up to a month in advance, with a few taps

  2. Push notifications of upcoming shifts / change of shifts to followers

  3. Can auto accept any follower

  4. Boot any follower they don't want

  5. Private message your followers


  1. Can follow any bartender you want, seeing their work schedule

  2. Get notifications if a bartender you follow is working nearby

  3. Get notifications if a bartender you follow changes a shift

  4. See a map of where every bartender you follow is right now

  5. Private message bartenders

Beyond MVP

As I started to design it out, I realized that following food trucks, bands, artists, DJs, baristas, sports teams, etc requires a lot of different apps.

So why not consolidate them? After it all, you don't need to have the food truck app du jur if all you want to know is where Mexicue is. And you don't need all of Bandcamp if all you follow is Hot Chip. If you're a Jets / Mets fan or a Yankees / Giants fan, you want to follow those, not the dozens of other teams you just don't care about. 




This is how followers would use the app. After agreeing to location services (not shown) they would see a list of bartenders nearby, or if none were nearby, a list of highly followed bartenders mixed in with ones that are up and comers. 

Once you tap a bartender you can find out where they work but not when, until you follow them. 

The last few screens are the profile screens for followers. 



"Customers" as I call them, are paying subscribers and have followers. They have an identical experience as followers, but in addition, they can add their schedules, approve followers, etc. 


Last Call

After prototyping the app on InVision, I shopped it around. You could fully tap and see the entire user experience. I showed it to bar regulars, bartenders, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 

However, most VCs and investors didn't feel the market was big enough to tap into, even considering the post-MVP stages. 

As a result, where@ is on the shelf. Perhaps it will be get built someday.